You know the arXiv. Here’s the snarXiv.

As its name indicates, snarXiv is a parody of arXiv. You can test your bogus-title detection skills at snarXiv vs arXiv. I didn’t get over 60-65% myself (after some 15-20 trials); I could detect the really blatant fakes (“Towards some general examples”), but really my performance is only modestly better than a coin-flip. In my own defense, I’m not a physicist, leave alone a high-energy theoretical physicist. How did you do?

Bremner, Bird and Fortune: Silly Money

Note: This post is intended largely for my own use as a placeholder to collect clips of Bremner, Bird & Fortune’s Silly Money: Where Did All The Money Go? — a 4-part miniseries that originally aired on Channel Four in November 2008, satirizing the financial crisis.